Summer Camps

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  1. Registration
  2. Fees


Registration for all summer camps begins April 4.

Register online, it is quick and convenient!

You can also download the related documents and mail your registration form and payment to:
113 W. Mountain Street
Fayetteville, AR 72701

You also have the option to drop off registration form and payment to:
1455 S. Happy Hollow Road
Fayetteville, AR 72701
  1. Camp Wilson

    Get signed up for a camp that will teach campers to have fun and be active.

  2. Drama Camp

    With the help of Arts Live Theater instructors, campers will learn foundational acting techniques and theater terminology, while exploring character creation through fun and games.

  3. Outdoor Adventure Camp

    If your child is interested in learning and participating in exciting outdoor activities, this is the perfect camp for him or her.

  4. Soccer Camp

    This camp will be an excellent way for children to learn or improve their soccer skills. Visit here to get signed up.

  5. Tennis Camp

    This camp provides fundamental instruction including forehand, backhand, volley, serves, footwork, and rules of the game. Get signed up here.