Climate and Energy


Fayetteville is committed to being an energy efficient, resilient community. We pursue this goal in order to create the most affordable, safe, and healthy neighborhoods, for current and future citizens. We are committed to reducing harmful climate impacts and promoting resource efficiency through decreased energy, water, and materials use.

Climate Report Card

Current City Projects

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Energy Action Plan 
The City of Fayetteville is currently conduction the development of an Energy Action Plan. City staff, led by the Sustainability Department, is working with a group of community stakeholders to draft policies, programs, and and target goals for reduced energy consumption, reduced GHG emissions, and increased energy efficiency. The plan is tentatively set to be published in October, 2017.  
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Recycling and Trash Master Plan 

The City of Fayetteville is currently conducting a Solid Waste Reduction, Diversion, and Recycling Master Plan. The plan aims to maximize solid waste reduction and increase our diversion from the landfill through improved recycling, reduced consumption, and expanding public education efforts. The plan sets a target goal of 40% waste diversion from landfills by 2025. Read more about the plan and its effects here

Community Resources

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Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Program 

The Community Resources Division offers free Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Kits for qualifying low-to-moderate income residents of Fayetteville. The kits are intended to improve living conditions and reduce energy usage and cost by installing simple energy efficiency upgrades to dwellings. Each kit includes energy efficient light bulbs, caulk, weather stripping, low-flow faucets and several other essential energy saving items.
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Recycle Something!

Americans generate 25% of the total garbage on the planet and Arkansans are well above the national average. You can make a difference by reducing waste at home and saving money in the process. The City of Fayetteville rewards people for producing less waste through its Pay-As-You-Throw and recycling programs. This website will explain how to do just that! Everything from what to look for when purchasing items at the store to using your organic waste for composting.